Me behind the tasting bar at SCMV_fall 2013_cropped_aI am a certified Califonia Wine Appellation Specialist, graduating with Honors.

In addition, I am a veteran journalist and have been writing/editing longer than I can recall. In 2005 I entered the wine industry, starting behind the tasting bar. My terroir is the Santa Cruz Mountains appellation, but this doesn’t keep me from exploring other wine regions.

When I’m not working in the tasting room pouring wine to a multitude of personalities (and oh the stories I could – and most likely will –  tell you) or am on the wine trail, I’m harvesting vineyards, bottling wine, sorting grapes, or engaging in some other wine-related activity.

A California native, I grew up at the base of the Santa Cruz Mountains, exploring the region’s many back roads and dirt trails from the Santa Clara Valley to the Santa Cruz coastline. I share my home with Salem, a 4-year-old black cat with green eyes. Before Salem, I shared my home with three cats, most recently my 21-year-old tabby Roxy Bacchus (God rest her soul). She had a great nose for wine and a “puurrfect” palate for pairing it with food. Her contribution to this blog is called Roxy’s Picks, which she still writes today through me.WineCat fixed rgb

In addition to wine, I share a passion for wildlife conservation. So don’t be surprised if every now and then I tweet about a wildlife win.

I have focused much on my career as a writer, editor, and direct-to-consumer manager. Now I want a best friend and lover to marry and help expand my horizons. I love nature, hiking, snowshoeing, biking, wine, and animals. One of my dreams is to share a home with my soulmate in a county setting, where we can tend so some vines, make wine and travel the world. If you are looking for an intimate partner (and you don’t mind living with a cat or two) and have compatible interests let’s check our chemistry and values to see if we have a match for the second half of our lives.

I’d like to acknowledge and thank my friend and editorial colleague Toni Sieling for designing the Roxy’s Pick, Road Trip, and Wineisms images, as well as my friend Tom Keenan who is credited with taking the photo of me behind the tasting bar.

All content (text, images, photos and more) in this blog is property of Cynthia Bournellis. Copyright©2012, From Behind the Tasting Bar, All Rights Reserved. No part of this blog may be copied or reproduced in any format, by any means – electronic or otherwise – without prior consent from the copyright owner and blog publisher.

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  1. I enjoyed your review of Tapas. I look forward to reading your blog.

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