Who Wouldn’t Like Dried Grass

Forgive me followers but it has been five months since my last post. Much has happened during this time. Most important was the passing of Roxy, my kitty girlfriend and companion of 21 years. Roxy passed away during the Thanksgiving holiday. We were together a long time and the silence in my home and in my life was unbearable—so much so that I didn’t have the desire to write. And while I still mourn her, my creative juices have once again begun to flow.Roxy pic for Dr Hamilton

Roxy is on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge frolicking, no doubt, with her feline brothers Rusty and Vincent. And while she is not here physically, she is spiritually. It is through her spirit that I will keep her column Roxy’s Pick going, bringing you her favorite wine and wine-related topics—speaking in her sassy voice that is unique only to her.

So to my sweet kitty girl I just want to say, thank you for being my best friend, my girlfriend, my little girl of 21 years. You gave me much love, joy, and laughter. You taught me patience, forgiveness, trust, and unconditional love. I love you Roxy, and I raise a toast to you!

Roxy had just completed writing her next Pick when her little body decided that it was time for a catnap—a final catnap. So here it is. I hope you enjoy it. She would want you to.

Featured Image -- 1291My senses peaked when I caught a whiff of dried grass that wafted from the 2012 Grechetto Grecante. From Arnaldo-Caprai, this 100 percent Grechetto is delicious. A white wine produced from grapes grown in the Colli Martani DOC in the Italian region of Umbria, the 2012 Grechetto hits you with intense floral notes, stone fruit, and melon. And, did I mention dried grass? One of my favs, that pungent aroma, which brings back memories of my kittyhood, is surrounded by subtle minerality. Great to sip on or pair with seafood, veal, or poultry dishes, this wine with its bright yellow and green tinge is a must-have—if not with a main meal grecante INTERA 2012then as an aperitif, while laying in the tall grass of course.

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One Response to Who Wouldn’t Like Dried Grass

  1. K.D. Keenan says:

    RIP, sweet Roxy! May she live on in your work.

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