Roxy’s Pick—A Russian River Valley Pinot Gris that Packs a Punch

roxypicklogoEvery time I visit Sonoma County wineries, I look forward to tasting the white varietals. Not that I don’t enjoy the reds produced there. It’s just that the whites stand out, and more important, appeal to my palate—a touch of oak; balanced, yet crisp acidity; and subtle minerality.

On a recent visit to Santa Rosa, I stopped by Inman Family Wines, a producer of small lots of Pinot Gris, Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. However, it was the 2012 Pinot Gris that made my ears perk up.

Inman Pinot Gris

2012 Inman Family Pinot Gris
(Photo by Cynthia Bournellis)

Bearing a new label design, the 2012 Pinot Gris is made from Estate grapes grown in the Russian River Valley. With 12.5 percent alcohol, this wine definitely lives up to its “racy acidity,” as described by winemaker Kathleen Inman. Aromas of nutmeg awaken the senses, while flavors of nectarine, peach and lemongrass tantalize the palate. The finish is clean, long, refreshing—and memorable.

This wine’s sharp acidity and citrus notes will cut through fatty foods, soften the heat of spicy fare such as Indian or Thai, or complement lemon-based dishes such as halibut, Brussels sprouts and pasta.

A great wine to have all year round, only 230 cases of the 2012 were produced. Last time I checked, there were roughly 50 cases left. If you miss the opportunity to try the 2012, don’t fret. I’m sure the next vintage will be just as delicious.

Inman Family winery

(Photo by Cynthia Bournellis)

The tasting room is at the Olivet Grange Vineyard in Santa Rosa. Click here to learn more.

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